Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi all, I hope to do a quick note as we are heading out of town tomorrow to travel to the other side of the island.  We need to find a flat up in Lautoka and just got word from President Klingler that we will need to find two more before the July intake of missionaries (12 in this group) and 11 more flats by September (25 in that group)   I've been busy doing all the immigragtion paperwork.  The last time I went to immigration I was excited to see they had started using a number system.  The problem was it was later in the day and the guy handing out the numbers didn't know what he was doing.  He said the numbers went to 18 and gave me a low number of 6.  When the man called out 19, 20, 21 I knew this could be a long wait, then the man working at the front desk, recognized me and skipped calling out numbers.  He lifted his eyebrows (the way Fijians say next) while looking at me and I hurried up to get my one last immigration paper for the July intake checked.  I had Elder Hogge go in the line at the cashier desk so we could get our receipt before it turned 2pm because the cahier desk closes then and you have to come back for a another fun filled day at immigration.  Gratefully we got it done in time and headed back to the office. 

I was thinking about this September group and realized with that group alone I have created 75 board cards.  One for our board, one for president Klinglers office and an extra card President Klingler will take home in a book he's creating with all the missionaries he's known during the time he has been here.  I'm getting pretty fast at typing the info on the card, gluing on passport pictures or doing a color copy, laminating and cutting them all out.   

We are happy to report that we are in good health and staying busy.  I am sad to report that we are now using a rental car that we both dislike first because it has an obnoxious feature of beeping if you don't put your seat belt on immediately and the design is poor (Elder Hogge has to bend low to avoid hitting his head when he gets into the car).  Why a rental?  You may recall the pictures of the two crunched cars in our last blog.  We gave the new truck to the Elders who were in that accident and our car (Shirley) to the Elders who were sitting in their parked cars and a bus backed into them.  It's kind of humorous but I sort of have to follow Richard's lead to the car at night because we keep changing vehicles and with the errands he does most of the day and parking in different spots, I don't know which car !were driving!  

We had a new Elder arrive last week and the Klingler's took him out to dinner with the AP's.  Two Fijian Elders finished their mission also so we enjoyed cooking and eating a nice small dinner for 10.  

Next monday we have a new senior couple arriving "the Jacksons" who will be replacing a couple that live next to us.  They are leaving a week from monday and are also called "the Jacksons".

We want to congratulate our grandson Reven on his baptism.  That is such a special day and we are so happy he made the decision to be baptized.  I know that as you try to make good decisions Reven, and do what is right, you will be blessed and feel the love of your Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.

Guess I'll have to make this short this week.  To all our children and their spouses, know that we love you all so much and are grateful for all the love and sacrifices you make to raise your children (our wonderful grandchildren) in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

To extended family and friends, we thank you for your love and support.  Please don't be afraid to send us an email, it's such a treat to hear any news from home.  Take care everyone  Love Elder and Sister Hogge
Flower picture for this week. I love the multiple color blooms on this bush in the front of our flat

President Klingler, Elder Dakunimata, Sister Klingler

Elder Dakunimata is typical of some Fijian's in that he likes to change his last name.  His name on the list from the MTC was Veivuke (on his passport) but his parents last names is Dakunimata.  Elder Whiting helped him with an application for school and he used a 3rd last name!  Kind of crazy, but they change their name at times in honor of different relatives. 

Elder Rokodakunivosa

Sister Klingler pulled Elder Dakunimata's suit jacket out of the closet and he had fun wearing it all day.  He probably won't wear it much after today because it's too hot to wear a suit here.

The Elders with the Whitings.... they will be heading home in August

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