Thursday, June 21, 2012

We now have a little over 3 weeks to go until we leave for Utah for a visit with our siblings and friends before reporting to the MTC on Monday July16th.  When we got back from our trip to visit Rob, Lexie and the kids our next event was one last camping trip with family and grand kids to celebrate Father's Day.  As life often goes, I got sick and had to stay behind, so Richard, Natalie and 3 of her four kids went, and Justin and 2 of his kids went. The first disappointment was a restriction on making camp fires due to the forest fires that are happening here, which had to be a let down for Justin who loves to build camp fires.  When they tried to fish off shore and weren't getting a bite, Justin decided to rent a boat, but the only one available was for the afternoon which proved to be a windy day on the lake.  Natalie told me a sweet story (making lemonade out of lemons).  She and some of the kids were in the boat and the kids were getting bored and restless, and the fish weren't biting, so she suggested they pray, which they all did with sweet and simple faith.  Soon after their earnest prayer, she caught the one and only fish caught during the whole trip! After several days with nothing much to do, they all decided to come home a day early, and so ended the last camping trip before we leave for Fiji.

Richard and I are getting excited about our mission now that the time to leave is drawing closer.   We are still struggling to learn the language.  How hard can it be? you ask.  Here's a few examples.
You want to know what time it is, and want to say it's 12:25 pm you would say:
Sa sivi na tini ka rua e na ruasagavulu ka lima na miniti, na yakavi.  We have also been working on learning to read a scripture, bear a simple testimony, and say a simple prayer.  Here is a simple blessing on the food.
Na Tama iketou Vakalomalagi.
Keitou vakavinavinakataka vei Kemuni neimami dui matavuvale.
Keitou Kerei Kemuni mo ni vakolougata na kakana.
Keito kerea na veika oqo, Ena yacai i Jisu Karisito, emeni.     in English...

Our Father in Heaven
We give thanks to Thee for our individual families
We ask thee for thee to bless the food
We ask thee for these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

It's hard because as much as we study and try to learn we can't remember much the next day.  One of those drawbacks of being in the old and forgetful stage of life.  This weekend we will be attending an open house to visit with friends from our old Tempe ward and the following week will be time for packing and preparing a talk we we hope the Lord will watch over you and bless you with the things you stand of need of.  
Keirau lomani iko...Love Richard and Mary 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our visit with Rob, Lexie and the kids in Austin

We had a great day at Lake Austin
 and had lunch at the Hula Hut
Mason, Grandpa, Jesse, Reven

Grandma and Roxy enjoying ourselves on Rob and Lexie's new boat