Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bula Vinaka, It's Sunday after noon and we have about 2 hours before we need to head to  Klingler's to prepare a farewell diiner for a senior couple-Teddy and Andrew Jackson.  Their replacements came this week Shirley and Alma Jackson and they will live in the flat next to ours, so we won't have a hard time remembering their last name.  This picture is from our trip to Lautoka last weekend.  These three horses were in the middle of the road, but politely moved when we approached.  It's unusual to see horses roaming free, they are usually tethered with a rope around their neck and the other end attached to a stake in the ground so they can eat the grass by the edge of the road, but these three were "horsing around"  Sorry, couldn't resist.  

The Elders in Nadi have been looking for housing near the two villages (that are part of the new area they will be serving in)  They talked with a man who has 4 flats and told them one of them was rented to Elders in years past, but sadly, all of them are currently being rented.  We stopped at a small store and some Fijians knowing that LDS missionaries are good renters were trying to talk them into going over to their village to try and find something.  Elder Olsen said Fijiians are eager to help you, and suggest you go ask this person, or that person, rather than admit they don't know of anyone who might have a flat to rent.  They found one flat on the edge of their area and we went to see it.  As you can see, it had a lot of stairs, but that's nothing to young in shape elders.    

a nice view and good breezes to keep you cool

nice living space and a large kitchen

Elder Va'ai and Elder Olsen  The drawback to this flat was the sliding glass door was broken and bent to the point that the door wouldn't move on the track and the bathroom plumbing needed some serious work, so we left them with a list of things the landlord would need to repair before we could rent it.  They will have to take a bus to get to their area where ever they live.  There really wasn't any other possibilites (open fields, rich area we can't afford ) so we were a bit discouraged not to find something for them. As you can see, they keep things in perspective and a smile on their face..

I made Elder Hogge stop so I could take a picture of these big beautiful rain trees.  There are stretches of road where they grow and overhand on both sides.  I'm sure they've been around for a very long time.

We stopped at Bulaccinio for breakfast and this carving was next to our table.  I had scrambled eggs, spinach (a spinach like vegetable here that tastes pretty good ) and sourdough toast)  Elder Hogge had two fried eggs, bacon (it's not like the bacon back home but more like a thin slice of very salty ham) and toast.  The sour dough bread toast was a treat, because we have only white bread in Suva.  It's baked every day and we get a new loaf every other day because there are no preservatives in it and it begins to get moldy quickly.  Many Fijians can't afford the sliced bread, but buy a lot of smaller thin loaves that the government regulates and keeps at a cost they can afford to  buy.(eighty cents). 

This is Elder Olmstead,  and a ward missionary who is serving with him (Elder Loloma) and Elder Hogge.  They're standing in front of our new map we have in the office.  I wanted a picture of Elder Lololoma because he will soon be leaving for his mission in the Phillipines and we will be leaving for home in January before he gets back to Fiji.

This week Elder Wells (auditor) and Elder Kennerly flew up North.  Sister Kennerly  stayed with Sister Wells and Elder Hogge got the use of a truck for a week.  By the dirt you can tell he's been out in the bush moving Elders to a new flat

and making sure they have mattresses

With sister Kennerly in town, Sister Wells planned a luncheonWednesday for all the senior sisters.  We women seldom get together without our spouses, so it was a real treat.  Then Friday, Sister Whitehead, Whiting, Kennerly, Wells, Tennis and I  went shopping for material and a blouse, then had lunch.  These wood pieces were in a display window, beautiful, but hard to see when you take the picture next to the glass!  We had lunch and then caught a taxi back up to work.  It was so nice to to go shopping on our own and just look around see everything we wanted to without being rushed.  That night Elder Hogge and I had Sister Wells and Kennerly over for dinner and played some games.
Elder Hogge sure is lucky, he got a Yahtzee both times we played, and is married to me ! (June 11th was our anniversay).

Elder Hogge found a nice flat for some Elders in the Suva 2nd area.  They have been  living in a flat
that  has problem plumbing and a  less than responsive landlord.  I liked the mosaic entrance.  

The Elders saw this nice modern kitchen and were excited, They opened the cupboard and saw nice plates, cups
 and matching utensils and were thrilled that it even had a garbage can under the sink..

It has one bed so Elder Hogge was happy that he only had to get one other bed.

Built in closet space, which means he only needs to get one dresser.

The Elders were thrilled with the condition of the bathroom and  don't  worry about
small details like pink curtains, they're just glad it has a shower curtain.

I saw the detail on the back of this car when we went grocery shopping at MH Saturday and just had to take a picture

Elder Hogge bought me a blender and it's even a brand I recognize  Panasonic

It's a good thing I know how to use a blender because a few sentences were in English, then Deutch,
Nederlands, Turkce, Italiano, Norsk, Suenska, Suomi, Dansk, Espanol, and Portugues!
It has an attachment that will chop nuts but warned me not to run it longer than 90 seconds at a time, crazy.
Next Monday we're having a meeting with 3 of our zones and making lunch for 80.  We got notified that two of the missionaries scheduled to arrive in September won't be coming and I just turned in their immigration paperwork (oi).  Eldder Hogge is busy taking care of all the flats, furnishings,bicycles and missionaries.  The time is quickly approaching when 5 missionaries we know and love will head home and 14 new ones will arrive.  The Whitings will head home (August 3) and then we will be the "experienced" seniors that will be trying to help the two new sisters who will be coming to work in the office.

We are happy to be serving in the Lord's vineyard here in Fiji and love each of you who are a part of our life.  Make this a good week and know how much we love you. -- Mothe  Elder and Sister Hogge

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