Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bula, Bula!

We are home and with our family now, what a joy it is.  We have a wonderful family and they supported us throughout out mission which we cannot express enough love for them for all they did for us.  We also got together with the senior missionaries that served with us, and that was a lot of fun too.  They are eternal friends that we served with, and we will always have a bond between us that time cannot dissolve.  LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU SERVE A MISSION.

Loloma levu, Elder and Sister Hogge


  1. Greetings from California! My son received his mission call yesterday - to Fiji! We found your blog and are interested to know if we might be related. It's a cool coincidence that the mission has another Hogge joining it's ranks.

  2. Hi, we are excited to hear another Hogge is heading to Fiji! It will be a wonderful time in your son's life to stretch and grow in so many ways that he couldn't experience in any other way. We studied the language by skype for several months but didn't have to speak it since we worked in the Mission office and many Fijian's could communicate with us in English. The longest word I learned and can still remember is
    Vakavinavinakataka (blessings) Which we hope your son will have many of while in Fiji.

    We Hogge's are related to the Hogge's who lived in Ogden and up Ogden canyon in Eden Utah. My Husbands father was Melvin Hogge and his father was Charles Hogge. Thanks for contacting us Mary Hogge

    1. Hi Mary - Thanks so much for your response. My husband says we are indeed related. It appears that our son is probably a fourth cousin twice removed to your husband. According to Family Search, I believe our common ancestor is Charles Hogge (b. 18 Sept. 1831 in Deighton, England) who was married to Ann Stanger. Your husband probably descends through Charles' son William George Hogge (b. 1855) while we descend through another son, James Hogge (b. 1853). It's fun to learn that the Hogges are well represented in Fiji.

      I have really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about missionary work in Fiji. In the short two days since my son received his call, he has spent several hours learning about Fiji, it's language and it's people. He already feels connected to this beautiful land and is excited to serve God's children there. - Kim

      By the way - You have a lovely family!