Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tis the Season to wish everyone a happy Christmas Season...
We've heard that the temperature dropped to 1 degree below zero in Utah recently, which is hard to picture with our hot and sticky summer weather we're experiencing here in Fiji.  I thought a picture of some cheerful yellow flowers might help

This will have to be our Christmas card for all our friends and family this year.  I love the bright red and greens of these plants.  We heard today that our ward Christmas Party is next Saturday with a theme of "wear something red or green, and iif you forget, they will call you out of the audience to go up on the stage and dance!
Knowing how reluctant Richard would be to do that, I will make sure he will wear his redish bula shirt)  and I have on my multi colored skirt with a few bands of lime green, so we don't get forced into dancing!

Elder R Olsen got this home made hug in a package the other day...pretty clever

Here in Suva, when this tree is in bloom (called the Christmas tree by locals) you know Christmas day will soon be here.

Elder Tafuna'i and Inia dropped by the office November 28th and needed a ride the direction we were going.  We offered to buy them lunch at McDonald's and after we all finished they said "this is the best thanksgiving diner ever!"  They work out in the bush and don't get in the office or to McDonald's often, so it was fun sharing a meal and visiting.

Once again I've captured the Bread Fruit tree.  The leaves are huge and the fruit grows to be the size of a football.  I thought it was interesting that the fruit starts out looking like a lime colored leaf..

Sister Trammell who transferred to Lami last week and will be training newly arrived Sister Faasalafa.
Elder Hogge and I hung 13 panels of drapes in their flat last week, using the end of a mop handle with a rope tied to it to thread the rope through the drape casings quickly. The roped is tied to nails to create a rod and it went pretty well, but we were still dripping wet by the time we left, because the missionary's only have fans in their flats.

Sister Su'a, Sister Tauteoli (temporarily here for medical reasons) Sister Alagaelua
These two LT's (leader trainers delivered Sister T to our office each day, where we found projects for her to do because she is not allowed to proselyte in Fiji (only has a visa to proselyte in Kiribati island) where she is serving.  Sister T helped to chop and prepare food for the lunch for 100 we had Thurs.  Pacific Area'  Authority Brother Pearson, his wife and 18 year old daughter came for a tour of our mission this week.  Add to that the Baptism records I had her type to help me catch up, and projects our nurse Sister Limburg had her do, and I think she was grateful to return to Kiribati.

We dropped some items off at the Lami Elder's flat and I noticed this very interesting
real anchor decoration at the entrance to the Elders neighbor's house (about 8 feet tall).

Sister Klingler came in the office one day, and saw that I had the office tree upand decorated.  She said she'd like to have her tree up before the Pehrson's arrived, but didn't have time.  I told her I loved to do something like that, thinking I would just be decorating her tree.  She said what she really would like was to have a Fijian themed tree, gave me a wad of money and left for a flight up to Savusavu.  In the craft market, I found some gold lei's and bought enough to create a garland around the tree, hung 3 colors of glass bulbs she had and had Sister T cut out red tack board stars.  I found a tapa cloth that I use to cut large stars out of and used an idea I saw in a Deseret Book catalog that came in the mail that had small star ornaments with different names of the savior on them.  I used a natural colored table cloth Sister Klingler had for a tree skirt and I think the tree is wannanavu!

Elder Tausinga's family came to pick him up from his mission. His father is originally from Samoa,
 so the whole family will take a side trip to Samoa to see where their dad was born.  They now live in the United States.

L-R  Elder Palmer, Elder Checketts (these AP's look so happy, I didn't have the heart to tell them
35 package pick-up notices from the post office await them when they return to the office Christmas has truly arrived),
President Klingler, Elder Tausinga, Sister Klingler, Sister Newsom, Sister Limburg, Sister Hogge, Elder Hogge

We had a farewell dinner for Sister and Elder Tennis.  They have done a wonderful job of creating classes
and great activities for the young adults in this area and will be greatly missed.

Sister Tennis will take a red badge of courage home with her, as she was bitten by a dog on the calf of her leg and has a large  red scar from this experience.  She didn't let it get in the way of doing the work the Lord sent her here to do. 

I woke up December 4th and decided this was the day I would begin using a purse I bought myself a while ago.  I showed Elder Hogge and he wasn't too impressed, but did catch my drift when I said it was for my Birthday.
 I asked if he would take me out to dinner after we attended the temple that afternoon.
Victoria is a small  restaurant with a shrimp in cream sauce linguini that I've grown very fond of.  The bonus was these framed shells on the wall.  I love shells and have never seen one like this one....rather unique.
 I also received some emails from family members (thank you, it meant alot to me) It was a very nice day for me.

Mission tour zone conference.  All us seniors hung out in the back of the chapel

Elders and Sisters in the front of the chapel.
 Elder Pehrson gave us all a powerful jump start for increasing the work, telling us that with the big increase of missionaries, the brethren expect a big increase in the number of members in our church and the need to do more. 

They shook each missionaries hand before we started.  Lunch for 100 was prepared, and some sisters from the stake set up and prepared the food.  This meant Sister Limburg, Newsom and I were able to enjoy the whole conference and not be in the kitchen that day (a first for me since arriving in this mission)

Everything was yummy

I saw the beautiful red and green of this flame tree and had to capture it, our last Christmas in Fiji  

This sign took me a minute but I think it means only taxi's can park in area to the right of this sign?
Or no taxis can park to the right of this sign...What do you think?

Time to close, We love and miss you all and want to wish you a
joyous Christmas Season.  Give your children, and grandchildren a hug, they are truly a gift from God.

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