Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An outing to Nasivikoso!
I got to go back to my favorite village, Nasivikoso, up in the highlands in the interior.  In a previous blog or two, you have seen me go there and even stay overnite in the Elders flat.  It's just like camping with a village full boy scouts of all different ages, no running water, no bathroom (bathing in the river), and no electricity.  This trip was to install a solar unit the will give the Elders a small portable fridge, a couple of fans, and a light at night.  It was an early Christmas for them.
I took the AP's to help me, and I'm glad of that, because I got a flat tire and their help was very welcomed.  They even got up on the roof of the flat, and screwed down the solar panels, all without falling through the roof.  Of course, I had to bring up all the tools and ladder to do everything, but it was fun.  Even the AP's had some fun.  It was during the dry season so no water was running over the bridge of the river, and the roads were passable.  The next time I go there, I can get a cold drink of water, and cool off by the fans.
This is the finished installation, easy to install and easy to remove

The AP's thought I fell asleep while placing the jack under the truck.
I won't confirm or deny

Natural environment to play and do crazy stuff

This villager was intelligent enough to make a sled, and use
it for doing his daily chores of getting firewood.  The oxen
don't move very quickly, but the slow and steady get the job

The supervisor is watching these young bucks every
step of the way.  Reminded me of when Justin and Rob
were home

You can see how low the water is,  but it's still a beautiful setting

I miss you all--keep the faith,  Dad

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