Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a week this has been.  Our 16 missionaries arrived.  Sister Tugaga (NZ) in middle  was the only  sister missionary.   Two Elders from Australia, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from Fiji (some of our Fijian missionaries go to the Provo MTC to learn the Fijian language.  The rest are from the US.  

I've had quite an adventure at immigration.  I had to submit a 90  visa  for an  Elder serving here temporarily, and the completion of the work permit stamp for the 16 new missionaries.  Talai works at immigration and is LDS.  When I dropped everything off she said she would email me when everything was done.  What a treat not to have to go down there multiple times to inquire if things are done. These flowers were blooming outside of immigration.  Their leaves are like lilies and the bloom like a morning glory with streamers.  Truly unique, like each of our grandchildren.

A sister made this woven star for Elder Cory Chlarson who left this week.  The red and blue colors are  made  from  foil  potatoe chip bags.  I really liked the little turtle with his name on it.

Elder Hogge has been extremely busy ordering tables chairs, fans,  microwaves, ktchen set-up, dressers  etc.  He managed to borrow the Howard's truck for two days and we were waiting for furniture to be delivered on Friday.  Rupt's called and said they wanted to deliver on Saturday.  He explained our office was closed, but they insisted.  When we got the call they were at the mission office, we were about 2 minutes from meeting up with the Seniors for lunch.  Instead we met up with the Rupts delivery men only to find that some of the order was missing.  We delivered what we could and Elder Hogge will be trying to get the rest of the things delivered to the two flats on Monday.  

Sister James is Vegetarian and requested mashed potatoes.  Someone got creative
and formed them in the shape of Joske's thumb a famous mountain here.

These are workers who are battling the mold that gets on the sidewalks/ black top
by poserwashing it and letting it dry when it's a sunny day. 

President Klingler, Elder Chlarson, Sister Klingler

S Hogge, Sister James, E Hogge

Our co workers in the office Elder and Sister Whiting & Elder Chlarson
 (he was assigned to Rotuma earlier in his mission It's a remote island and food being delivered there is irregular)
He got pretty slender and was assigned to Lami to finish his mission).

A traditional leigh that the AP's Hawk and Stock presented to the departing missionaries

Saturday, we stopped for some chicken bites at  SFC ( a  mock up of  Kentucky Fried Chicken) Then we
headed to make some deliveries at Navatayuba. It was a rocky rough dirt road, but an nice church has been built there.

Elder Ruben and Heninger's flat

The church building

Elder Ruben  

We had two couples over for Taco's on Sunday.  Is that big green thing in the back a  pear?   No, it's one of the many varieties of delicious avacado's that are in season right now.

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We've had quite a few challenges this week, and have felt grateful for having made it through  everything we've been faced with.  I am really proud of my husband and his desire to do his best to take care of the needs of the missionaries.  I feel very humble when I see how many times the Lord has helped me, and truly can say that He has been mindful of me,  and helps me when I must do something that I don''t know how to do, but have a deadline to accomplish.  

We love you all and hope this week will be a little calmer for you and for us.

Take Care Everyone  Love Elder and Sister Hogge

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