Saturday, February 2, 2013

It has been a good week, full of work and work, but that's what a mission is all about.  We are enjoying the new Elders and Sisters coming into the mission--a little apprehensive, but excited to get to work teaching.  We had eight Elders come in on Wednesday last week, and three more on Monday.  On Saturday, we lost only one Elder finishing his mission, so we are up by ten.  It's going to be a good year!
This is what the missionaries water filter looks like after I have washed and sterilized it

This is what the missionaries filter system looked like before I cleaned  it 

Here are the 8 Greenies learning how to slam down a home made  eclair  at their welcome dinner in the mission home.  The assistants were the teachers, and of course they are pros at it--the whole eclair in just one bite.

Elder Diloi  finished his mission and is going home just 15 minutes from the mission office.

He bore his testimony for the last time as a missionary, and he is the first Fijian  that I have seen cry .  He is a humble man, a great missionary, and will be a great leader here in the wards.

These are the 3 Elders who came later,two Americans and a Fijian.  Quite a  difference in size than Elder Diloi

Mary wanted this in the blog.  She loves the big tree and "cute" farmhouse????????

This is the entrance to the Waila chapel , a beautiful setting on a hill overlooking a large river

These Elders are the ZL's in Waila.  Great guys and very helpful.  They are in training to be Elder Quorum  presidents
Things are going great here.  We appreciate your love and support and tell the grandchildren we are doing this mission for the Lord, the missionaries, and for them.  Love you all, Grandpa

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