Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hi everyone,
      This week has been a crazy and unusual week.  We have a new senior couple this week, Elder and Sister Osborn, who are going to teach at the LDS College in Tamavua village.  The "college" is really a high school that nearly all students are LDS and they learn normal subjects, with an emphasis on the technological area--mechanical as well as electronic subjects.  The Osborn's are going to teach the electronic part for the next four months, and then move on to another island and do the same somewhere else.  So far they have taught in Toga and Samoa and now Fiji.  Anyway, I had to find them a flat, which was pretty difficult due to the short lease period.  I found one and cleaned it up so they could move in yesterday.  Two couples helped me clean it in the morning, then later that afternoon, I went back with Mary to put in new light bulbs, and deliver sheets and towels.  While we were there, a rainstorm hit and it came in buckets.  An outside drain had been plugged up so all the sudden water was pouring in through the back door and flooding the flat.  We worked the nest couple of hours to get it cleaned up and dried, so now the flat is double clean. It was a good thing we had gone back or the new couple would have to swim to their bedroom!  The Lord keeps His hand in wherever His missionaries are.
Osborne's kitchen

Living room

Front yard leading to entrance
      We have changed our church start time to 8 AM instead of 10AM, and I love it.  We get done and it leaves time for us to do other things, like this blog.  We had a good New Years eve--we went over and played board games until 11 PM and then went to bed.  The next day we cleaned our flat (even mopped the floors) and then played some more games with the Wells.  It was a nice smooth day, and very few necessary   things to have interrupted us.  The missionaries also got together with each other and talked a lot.  They had a day off at Christmas and New Years day. Life is good.

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