Sunday, November 4, 2012

How is everyone? Life is great, life is confusing, life is wananavoo!

Mary is in our flat cooking for some senior couples, and I already made the cake for dessert (I'm pretty good at making cake from a box, with frosting from Pillsbury), so here I am doing our blog.  I got a few laughs this week, especially from an Elder who is Fijian who is serving in Labasa.  He called on the phone, and you know how difficult it is for me to understand the language, so he proceeded to ask me a question,  "Are we take care of ...."   I tried to figure out what he was asking, flat, badges, tires, car, bike, phone, feet, sandals, hair, etc.  I finally was laughing so hard he put his American companion on the phone who immediately said "grass".  I never would have thought of that because the missionaries are not to do landscaping unless in a service project.  I think I laughed about that all day.

We traveled to Nadi this week to rent another apartment for the Sisters who were scared because they lived in a flood zone (which happens only about every 10 years when a cyclone comes through). While we were there we invited the Elders to lunch-there were four due to transfers-and the sisters were in Suva at training.  Anyway, we went to a chicken place, kind of like KFC.  Two Elders ate a bucket each by themselves (20 pieces each) with a drink and a sub sandwich afterwards.  The other two Elders ate two chicken sandwiches and half a pizza each!  I made the mistake of saying that I would buy them lunch, not remembering it was the month end, and they hadn't received their monthly allotment.  $127.00 and an hour later we were out the door.  One of the Elders is a 440 lb 6'7" Fijian who has a football scholarship after his mission, the others were just normal size guys.  Do you remember those days when we were younger and could eat and not gain a pound?

We got 3 new Elders in yesterday, all from Fiji.  Two are headed to Papua, New Guinea but can't get  their visas yet--some government hang up.  We will have them for two weeks or up to 8 months, after that time they may be reassigned to Fiji or Vanuatu.  Great young men willing to serve anywhere.  Mary was over at the mission home helping to cook for them and other stake leaders three out of five days this week.  The other two days, she went to Nadi with me on one day, and was sick in bed the other.  She had a looooooong week!.  She's much better now.

You know how much Mary loves flower gardens


AP's moving beds for the Elders

Beverly Hillbillies

An Elder who got a boil, drained for two days, his third

A Pumpkin cared at a FHE dinner for old people like us

Boy, I love Fiji
Mary loves coral on the beach

Coral beach

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This tree will soon be covered with vines, and look alive again

Nadi, it looks like Brigham City
These are roots of a tree turned upside down,and plants start togrown in them

Our flat has become a temporary storage area for the mission including bikes

and old washers that still work for Elders

The Taylors are at the end of the table, the rest are senior couples 

Mary laughs at the chicken vendors every time we past them going to church, someday she may want to buy one and start our own chicken farm
We as senior missionaries get together every Sat. for lunch and different places in the surrounding area.  This week we had visitors from Rexburg, Idaho who came here to attend the Fiji temple.  They are younger and made it a goal in their lives to visit all the temples in the world, and Fiji was number 72 for them.  They just schedule a week vacation and attend as many as possible during that week.  They had visited the south pacific area and our temple was the first on their agenda.  Good people having a good vacation ( left six children at home) by themselves.

This is the end, my friend.  Hope you have a blessed week, we will! Love, Bubu and Tutu

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