Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hi there friends and family, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,
      This blog is being written on Sunday afternoon here, and you're getting it on Saturday while you listen to General Conference, and I hope you are enjoying the talks being given.  We get the broadcast next Sunday, or your Saturday, whichever.  The conference can't be broadcast until we get the downloaded version and then shown in church.  We can get it live through the Internet, only if we're here in the office--the Internet through a different carrier doesn't work well at home.  That's the Fijian way.
      This past week has been a little more quiet than most, so we got a new flat for the Assistant's.  Their old one was down a hill so steep they couldn't get their van back up it easily, and then it emptied onto a very busy highway, so it got very dangerous.  They were parking their van at the mission office and then walking to their flat, poor boys.  Anyway, their new flat is nicer, and is much safer.  They can even park next to their flat.
       There is an island that is part of our mission called Tuvalu.  It's way north of Fiji, has one set of missionaries, and has a branch there.  The missionaries can knock on every body's door on the island within one full day (now that's small).  Mary has a picture of the island, and the landing strip for airplanes is right in the middle.  As you can see, the airstrip was made for small aircraft, or ones that can float in the ocean.  Pres. Klingler is traveling up there soon, and just laughs at the travel arrangements.  He's fearless with all the faith he has.
        We took some pictures of children headed to school on buses or walking.  As you can see, the students wear uniforms, different colors for different schools.  The LDS primary school (grades 1-7) wear green and white.  All children here attend school until age 17, then some move on to Fiji National University, or South Pacific University, or to a trade school.  There are very few new jobs here, so most graduate and move to New Zealand or Australia. The parents are very proud of their children, but many don't see their children for years after they move, it just costs too much to fly.
        The last picture is the map of Suva.  Can you find the Temple site?  We live just down the street from there on a street named Nayou.  Well, it's not  much, but we're loving it.  I've been talking to our guard at the flat about the church--he noticed   we are compared to others, and wanted to know why. I will tell you more as time goes by.

School children in uniforms and catching a taxi

Different uniforms, different schols

Tuvalu Island

This is the map of Tuvalu--so small!

Map of Suva--looks like spaghetti

What our luggage looks like after a mold attack=
=Mary cleans everything and it returns after two months.  Richard harrased me after I found some mold on some pants I wanted to wear yesterday, then when he opened his closet found this!

Here are Elder Myer and Elder Estill, our AP's
         We miss you and love all of you.  Lots of hugs and kisses. Loloma, Grandpa and Grandma                                                                      

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