Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yandra Vinaka (good morning),
        It is the old man's turn to blog today, so it will be shorter than Mary.  Mary has been busy this week with baptismal records, over 100 to record, so she enlisted a senior missionary to help out.  They got everyone recorded and pushed the transfer button on the computer to send to SLC, and when they got a hard copy printed, only 30 names were on the list.  She was pretty upset because if they can't get those names recorded, she has to do the 70 all over again.  They are in cyberspace somewhere--we'll find out where on Monday I hope--she's not a very happy camper right now, and when Mama ain't happy......
Mary loves the fruit here
         We had a couple of interesting things happen this week.  We went to the Temple on Thursday and found out that a Stake from Labasa (an area on an island just north of Viti Levu) were here doing temple work.  All spoke Fijian, so the ceremony was presented in the Fijian language.  That means Mary and I wore the translated recording for the first time here.  Their language is beautiful, and they had to speak it quickly to fit the same sentence into the framework of English, so now I know I could never have learned the Fijian language before coming here.  I'm amazed that the young missionaries learn it so quickly, and speak it so well, this old brain doesn't work that fast anymore.  Anyway, it was a joy to see all the happy faces and warm handshakes we got there.  Everyone here is so friendly and loving, what a great experience we're having!  The love of the Savior shows in their faces.

I think my hair is thinning in the back!

This barber know three languages, Fijian, Hindi, English
Like my new Bula! shirt?

This is the village car wash across the street

This is the Guard House for the house behind

A wonderful family of six lives here

I know that beautiful woman on the right, but the funny looking one on the  left?

          The second thing (and not on such a spiritual note) is that I got my first sulu and I love it.  I now know why women don't perspire while wearing a skirt!  I may not go back to pants at all. I also got my first Fijian haircut.  The barber shop had a waiting area that was walled away from the barber chairs by a chain link fence, I guess for protection and control of who he wanted to serve next (in Fiji there is no such thing as lines or being served in order).  I have learned to be patient.  The barber uses only electric shearers and a comb, nothing else.  He did a great job and then even shaved my neck with a straight razor, but without any shaving cream.  I'm surprised I didn't get any cuts!  All in all, it was a great learning experience, and costs only $5 Fijian ($3 US).  Oh yea, and you can buy coconuts from him too!
         We hope everything is well with everyone.  Give our grandchildren hugs and kisses from us, and we hope all are doing well in school.  Our good friends who have emailed us, we thank you for keeping in touch and love to hear from you and your family.  IT'S A GREAT LIFE SERVING OTHERS!
           Loloma,  Bubu and Tutu.

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