Monday, August 13, 2012

Hi friends and family!  I guess it is my turn to write a little bit about our lives.  This past week has been pretty cool.  The nighttime temp is about 70 and the daytime is about 85, and I love it! The only thing that dampens my enthusiasm is the rain.  It has rained every day this week, sometimes light and other times very heavy, so we haven't seen the sun in a week.  Today is Sunday, and it finally is partly sunny, so Mary and I are going for a drive to the airport (I have to pick up a couple tomorrow so this is a first trial for me not to get lost).  We'll take some pictures on the way.
The mission is having transfers tomorrow, so we'll be busy with the young missionaries.  The Elders are great young men, worthy of all the accolades given to them.  They are dedicated in serving the Lord and the Fijian people.  They know the gospel and the language, and they aren't afraid of anything or anybody.  We have 2 Elders on an island called Kadavu,just south of Fiji, and they  called me saying their washing machine quit on them.  They had checked it out, and found that a rat had eaten through the power cord, and it wasn't getting any electricity.  The senior companion laughed and said they like living with the "wildlife in Kadavu," and the rat got electrocuted for its involvement.   We have a set living on an island that has lots of members (nearly half of all the population) but the island has no electricity or plumbing, so they read by candle light and have other facilities outdoors.  They wash their clothes in rainwater, and laugh about it.  But they are baptizing people like crazy there," they are one with the village."  Another set of Elders are on a small island so far north of us, it takes two days for a boat to travel from Fiji to that island.  They are on bicycles there, and called me to get new spokes for their bikes because the wheels had rusted out.  They are coming in for zone conference next week, and bringing their wheels with them, giving them a week to get repaired and then two days back again.  All these missionaries LOVE what they do, and they do it well.  By the way, all the Sister missionaries are in places where it is safe and has electricity and indoor plumbing, Pres. Klingler really watches out for the Sisters, they get preferential treatment.
I haven't got use to some of the food here yet, but then again, I haven't lost any weight either.  In fact, for my birthday we ate lunch at McDonalds.  They don't have the exact menu, but something close to it, the first "American" food I've eaten here.  The only things that I really miss here are diet drinks and Mexican food.  Every drink here, fruit drinks, soda, milk, whatever, is full of sugar.  I miss crystal light!  I miss green burros! Who knows, I might loose some weight yet.
The men here are tall (6' to 6'6"), dark and handsome, but they are not rich.  Men and boys age 8-35 come out every evening and play Rugby or soccer on muddy playgrounds, and love it.  The women and daughters are at home cooking and cleaning.  Is there something wrong with that?
 This is the chapel that we will be attending starting next week.  The Nausina Ward.

 These two pictures are of the LDS Church college located in a beautiful village names Tamavua.  The village donated the land to the church to build the college, and so now the children of the village can attend for no charge.  Fair trade I believe.
 This is a home across from the college, a beautiful home American style.  You can see all the way out to the bay from there.

 These three pictures show what the interior of the island is like--lush and beautiful.  These small homes are built in villages of 1000-2000 people who are mostly farmers.  Some will take the bus into Suva to work, but that's from sunrise to sunset.  The children are also bused to school, about 7:30 to 3:00 and the mothers always walk the kids to and from  the bus stop.

 This is a temple of worship for the Hindu faith.
 I wish I would have brought a fishing rod!

Our grandchildren have started back to school now, so have some fun, Hunter, Hailey, Reven, Mason, Joi, and Adrianna.  You too parents!  Dads don't forget to give each of them a Father's Blessing just to keep them safe and strong in the gospel.   Love ya lots,  Hugs and Kisses.  Bubu and Tutu

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